Beginnings of Barcelona 2010

My course doesn’t start til 28 September 2010 at the earliest, and so I have much more time than expected before I need to start studying. Apparently, things are very relaxed for Erasmus students. I arrived here on 6 August, early in the morning, from a series of train rides from London. My final train was a sleeper train from Paris Nord to Barcelona Sans Estacio, and after a hot sleep in an exciting bouncing train, I watched the sun rise near Figueres and the train arrive into Barcelona, an hour later than expected. Since then I have been studying Spanish at a school ‘SpainBCN’, and it has been an exciting learning experience – now it is 16 September and my lessons have been over for a week now, and it is sad. I have been learning Spanish and investigating Barcelona city, with its many people and beach fun times. I need to sleep more and I really miss squash – I must wait to be a fully matriculated student for this. I will work on this tomorrow. I need to do some pro-active learning and knuckle down, I really want to learn Spanish.

I was going to have an early night, but Barcelona hasn’t allowed many of these, and I am going to La Rambla! Speak to you soon!

Categories: Barcelona, Spain

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