All good things come to an end…

I am sorry to say but… the exchange is over. I think it’s the right time to do an ‘examination of conscience’.

If I could choose again…

Would I go to Salamanca for an exchange?  

Definitely! However, I would rather stay there for 6 months only than a whole year. The reason is that I like big cities and Salamanca, although lively, is quite small. Barcelona or Madrid would suit me better but you have to bear in mind that cost of living in these ones is much higher than in Salamanca.

Would I go to USAL?

Hmm… I must say that in my department (Mathematics, Physics) there were hardly no Erasmus students which makes things harder, at least at the beginning. Also, the educational system in Spain differs substantially from the one in Scotland. My courses focused mostly on theory, there were few practical classes and little course material was available online. Also, examinations were not written anonymously and exam questions were quite vague. As I said, all of this were an obstacle at the beginning, however, with time you get used to it.

Things I would have done differently?

I would have matriculated for more courses and during semester I would have decided from which ones to withdraw. Description of a course does not always say exactly what you will be studying, and in particular it does not say if you are just going to ‘touch’ the topic or study it in depth.

Will I come back to Salamanca one day?

Of course! Actually, I am planning to pop in there next year. I cannot wait to see my amigos Salmantinos! And also, I am going to visit my Erasmus friends in their home cities in England and Estonia.

Now I have been in Edinburgh for a week. I must admit that the first days here were quite difficult for me. Another change, different language, different customs, etc. Once I arrived to Edinburgh I realised how much I had got used to Salamanca! On top of that, coming back to Edinburgh meant split-up with my Spanish boyfriend which was quite painful for me. But now I am OK, what is more, I am glad I am home! And all the stupidities I made while on the exchange… well, what happened on Erasmus stays there!

I hope I do not need to give reasons why you should go for an exchange…

All good things come to an end… This was my last post, thanks for reading my blog folks. I hope it is useful for you and would like to take the opportunity to wish you a fabulous time on your Erasmus Exchange!

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