The ups and downs

The first symptoms of nostalgia has appeared. Last week we had a really rainy and windy day, actually even two days like that. Everybody was angry at the weather but not me. I was wandering around town with a grin from ear to ear thinking of Edinburgh. It was like that at the day 1 of Edinburgh-like weather. The other day, I’m not really sure now why, I was completely down in the dumps. I just came home after my 1 p.m. class and cried.

I felt so sad and lonely (although I have lots of friends here). My head was occupied by thoughts like ‘how easy it would be for me if I was in Edinburgh now’, ‘why I feel that nothing makes sense’, etc. I called my mum, I moaned and groaned and even argued a bit with her and instead of feeling better I felt even worse. Luckily, the day after I felt slightly better. I explained myself somehow that there’re no right decisions. You never know if the decision is right, you can just imagine how it would be if you had chosen differently, but all in all, it’s just hypothesising. Now I can say I’m fine. And I know it’s high time I realized and accepted that it’s not 2-month holidays in Spain but a place I’ll be studying and living for the next 8 months (and enjoying all of this of course!).

So the first personal crisis is over.

Time for a good news now.

Next week I’m having two visits in Salamanca and I can’t wait! A friend of mine who I worked with on Isle of Skye for 6 months is coming tomorrow for a few days. I haven’t seen her for almost a year and I can hardly hide my excitement. Later on, a friend who was my flatmate last year in Edinburgh and now is on her Erasmus in Barcelona comes for a weekend. The possibility of travelling and visiting each other that we have now is just awesome.

I have to say I have lots of free time. I find two of my courses really accessible. The other one seems a bit difficult but not impossible to understand. However, I do struggle with ‘Complements of Algebra’ which turned out to be a different kettle of fish than I had thought skimming curriculum. I even thought about changing the course for different one but 1) I couldn’t find anything I would like 2) It’s already a second-half of the semester so I would have a lot to catch up with. So I’ve decided to stick to the ‘Complements’ and hope to pass the exam with a minimum of a minimum of my knowledge about the subject and a bit of luck (I know it’s still lots of time to the exams but I can’t stop bothering myself with the thought of not passing something).

Quite by chance, during one of Couchsurfing meetings here, I’ve found a Tandem partner. Surprisingly, it’s a Spanish-Polish exchange. I have no idea why people want to learn such a rare (and difficult) language like Polish but it makes me really happy to hear someone following a simple conversation with me in my native language.

Lack of sleep and a hangover make my life a misery. Siesta and a cup of coffee could do.

Hasta luego!

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