Lund Chapter 4: It’s not gay, it’s basil

Shopping for food in another language is always eventful. The language course gives you the basics but there is always that wee something that wasn’t covered and I never before noticed how ambiguous the pictures on packaging could be. Thought I had bought myself some tuna the other day, still not sure what it was but it sure as hell wasn’t tuna!

You hear a lot of scare mongering about the prices of everything in Sweden and I’ll admit that dairy products are about double the cost but everything else is actually around the same price and if you come here please remember: Euro Shopper is your friend! Oh and a shop called “Willies”, apparently all UK students chuckle at that one, can’t think why. Fruit and veg are even considerably cheaper so I’m feeling healthier by the day!

And there are the obvious student ways to get around costs, one of my friends has bought a series of herb plants which he now proudly displays on his kitchen table – I eagerly await the time when I walk in on him singing to the damn things…

A bit of worked kicked in as well recently but from what I hear of third year back home it still falls far short of anything like the scintillating stress fest of Edinburgh!

There was a group presentation but I soon realised that the Scandinavian approach to a presentation is somewhat more relaxed than the Scottish way and I remain convinced to this day that one speaker, who remained slouched in his seat throughout, actually gave us an impromptu little number.

 An essay was issued as well with the guidelines: “pick whatever area of law you like and write about it”. Surprisingly irritating to have so much freedom all of a sudden but it gave me a chance to really go through what I am passionate about and ditch the monotonous tripe that so often bogs down a law class (though if any lecturers are reading this I am obvs referring to subjects other than your own…)

But with all that work out the way I have found myself in the pleasant position of having a three week break from lectures – soooo much better than school!! So we have been looking into little breaks that can be had on the cheap. Poland seems like a definite as return flights are £25 from the local airport. Of course nowhere is too far to go for the Aussies but I feel like jetting off to the Greek islands during term is a bit extreme.

But alas it is not all good news for I missed out on getting a ticket for the booze cruise to Estonia “sob”. On the bright side though, there’s another one next term….

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