Classes, parents and other such things – University of Bourgogne, Dijon

I haven’t written a blog for a while. Mainly this is because my parents were here last week so I have been very busy doing lots of touristy things. I will tell you all about these things but I’ll get the boring stuff out of the way first.

            Now I’ve started all but one of my classes (they still haven’t found a room or a teacher for one of them.) My timetable is crazily empty. Friday is the only day that I have more than one class and the only day that I start before lunch time. As well as English classes which are technically French classes I am also doing Iconography and Visual Semiotics, which seem to be interesting so far.

            That’s the boring stuff over so now I can tell you all the things I’ve been up to when I’ve not been at my many, many classes. I was treated very well while my parents were here and taken out for my dinner every night. The restaurants in Dijon are amazing and I feel like I have eaten enough to last me for about 3 months!

            We went on a wine tasting trip where we were taken in a mini bus through the vineyards of the ‘Cotes de Nuit’ (a very famous wine making area) and taken to a wine cellar where we got to taste the wine. We also got to see the vineyard where the most expensive wine in the world comes from (unfortunately we didn’t get to taste that one.)

            We also went to visit the town of Beaune which is about half an hour from Dijon on the train. Beaune is a beautiful small town with lots of old buildings many of which have coloured tile roofs. One of the best examples of this is in the old hospice which is now a museum and which we visited.

            My parents left Dijon on Thursday and hired a car to drive across France and visit my cousin in Poitiers. Unfortunately that meant I didn’t get taken out for dinner that night but that worked out ok because some people on my corridor were having a party and I got invited to it. We had croques messieurs and waffles which were very nice and it was a good opportunity to meet more people from my corridor, including some French people!

            On Friday I caught a train to go and join my parents in Poitiers. This journey involved me changing trains and stations in Paris. Gare de Lyon in Paris is huge and I got lost and ended up missing my connecting train! Luckily I was able to exchange my ticket for one for the next train without having to pay any extra and a major disaster was diverted.

            I had a really nice weekend in Poitiers with my cousins and I was sad to say good bye to my parents although I definitely need a rest now after the busy week that I have had.

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