A week of ups and downs..

This week I reverted back to my childhood for one glorious day and marched around the zoo like a 10 year old. Prague zoo is pretty huge and although we started early we could have easily stayed until closing time and have still not seen everything it had to offer.

There are 5000 animals and 650 species, so naturally we tried to make our way around the coolest animals first, yet inevitable kept finding ourselves looking at deer.

 I alsowent on a little trip of self discovery as I was confronted with a large number of bats flying freely around my head, at which point I discovered I have a huge fear of them! I imagined this would probably be the case however the extent of my fear took me a little by surprise. I tried cowering behind my friend, Jamie, as much as possible but sadly I left the enclosure traumatized after one flew deliberately (and I would have to say, viciously) into my head. I think my ridiculous reaction may plague me through out the rest of my stay in Prague.

We concluded our visit at the elephant enclosure where we watched some hot elephant action! However after 15 minutes of pointing and laughing as some elephants got down and dirty I started to feel we may have been invading their privacy… just ever so slightly, so we called it a day.

Later that night we all went on a pirate boat party, which was one of the best nights out I have had here. We all got dressed up, kitted out with patches and swords from the toy shop, and danced the night away while sailing down the beautiful Vltava River, dancing under the stars and waving at the people looking down from the bridges.

On the downside, I did have my first homesick day this week. I found it strange as I am never usually the homesick type at all… but then I guess I have never lived in another country before. Here, there are always so many people around, and there is always so much going on, so when I had a quiet day to myself I started feeling a little lonely. Being surrounded by so many people, none of whom you really know or who really know you, can be a little lonely at times. It made me appreciate the people who know me so well – and still put up with me anyway!  And besides, sometimes a girl just needs her mammy! (My advice to you all, don’t watch “my sisters keeper” first thing in the morning. Guaranteed downer!) My dad will be coming to visit soon and I am happy I have that to look forward to.

 Of course my sadness could not last long in a city as beautiful as this! So, a walk around the centre or even a look out over out balcony was enough to make me realise how lucky I am to be here… and how Glasgow lacks in comparison.

If after this realization there is any homesickness left I should be able to get my fill of all things British at tomorrow nights UK and Russian Nation2Nation party. I have spent today gathering clips and photos of the UK, buying cheddar and pickle – the basis of an extremely lavish and appetising ploughman’s lunch – and have just finished making Scotland flags out of crepe paper. I think I have certainly had my Brit fix. Tomorrow night I shall don the tartan skirt and Ceilidh dance the night away!!

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  1. fantastic xxxx

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