Denmark: Autumn Arrives

So it’s a little under a fortnight since I last sat here and wrote a blog although it seems only like a few days. Yesterday was the first day of Autumn, or at least the first day I noticed the burnt leaves falling from the trees and a crisp chill in the air.

It’s unlike the autumn in Edinburgh though, as the skies are still a fresh blue and the sun is always shining. I know that this probably won’t last long before the harsh Scandinavian winter sets in so I’ll enjoy it while I can. An example of the beautiful blue Danish sky is in these photos – as the city has changed many plain walls have been left exposed around the city which have since then been painted with some wonderfully creative paintings, I don’t know if the street art is commissioned, but i suspect so. Here is an example of a couple I have seen, the painting on the right is close to my apartment:


The left painting is saying that milk is good for your health, and the right painting says ‘Milk, It is lovely’. I have to admit that it really made me smile. The next one is on the corner of my street, so I cycle past it everyday but I only noticed it yesterday when I had my head in the clouds.


One mans trash, another mans treasure

Whether it’s commissioned or not, it’s street art I get to enjoy everyday. The paintings really add to the atmosphere of the city, and in my opinion it’s so much more attractive than a bare wall.

Last weekend I did my first real sightseeing activity in Copenhagen by taking a trip to the zoo. It’s a short bike ride away from my apartment and is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary this year. We went on a sunny Saturday afternoon so the Zoo was full of families and Kids, despite the queue to get into the Zoo it didn’t feel cramped or overcrowded. It was actually one of the best zoo’s I have ever been to. The animals had large exhibits and seemed happy – and we didn’t have to play ‘spot the animal’ as most were out enjoying the sun for people to see. They had a good range of animals – bears, tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes, birds, reptiles and monkeys. I think my favourite was the brown bear cubs which were climbing about and playing.


Since then I’ve not done much sightseeing. Tomorrow I’m going to try going swimming at a fancy pool in town and on Friday I’m going to the cinema to see the new Pixar film ‘UP’ – you would think that it would be easy to go to the cinema in such a metropolitan city…. well it would be, if I spoke Danish. At the moment the cinema’s are full of European films, which is great because I love all sorts of cinema, but they’re of course subtitled in Danish not English, so that’s ruled out for the moment. Although, yes, ‘UP’ is an English language film, it’s primarily a children’s film, so it’s dubbed in Danish. Finally though I have found an independent cinema showing it in English, and it’s just around the corner. In a city so expensive it’s nice to be able to go to the cinema for a reasonably priced evening.

There are lots of events coming up in the next few weeks so i’ll keep you updated!
Take care,

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  1. love the paintings, if its any consolation about the weather, the milk here sucks.

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