I’ve survived 1st week of classes in Salamanca… now need to fight off a cold

I’ve survived the first week of classes. It was stressful. To be honest I understand 60-90% of what the teachers say so it’s not too bad. A bit worse when it’s my Spanish classmates that speak… but I am sure it will get better with time.

The subjects I have chosen are more or less about things I thought they would be. Apart from one. ‘Differential Equations’ from School of Mathematics turned out to be a disaster. I mean a disaster for me because I couldn’t understand anything during the classes (and not because of my non-proficiency in Spanish). The reason for it was a different approach to differential equations, more geometric than analytic/algebraic. So I decided not to go further into it and, after investigating other possibilities, I chose the subject with the same name but from School of Physics. I am a bit worried it might be really easy but I’d rather be bored than snowed under with amount of work.

I’m surprised by a small number of students doing maths courses. There are about 30 people on maths course I’m taking in School of Physics. The situation is getting worse (or better?) when courses from School of Statistics are concerned. The biggest group is in ‘Statistical Sampling’ classes with 6 students in total. The smallest, me and an English girl that quit studies in Manchester to continue them in Salamanca, in ‘Introduction to Complex Analysis’. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that ALL my classmates are female. Yeah, that’s definitely different than it is in Edinburgh, isn’t it?

The weather is no longer 30 C. Now it’s about 15-20 C, a bit windy but luckily it’ not raining (yet). And the weather changed out of the blue which of course had to affect me. It’s been almost a week now since I realized I have a bad cold. A frog in my throat and problems with concentration are getting on my nerves. I even went to the doctor (Registering is simplicity itself. You just need to bring EHIC and the passport or ID card). I was given Ibuprofen which is working just a wee bit. Anyway, I hope I’ll recover soon.

Having a cold couldn’t prevent me from partying. Spending all the day at home makes me going crazy, so I often went to the classes, then home and later about 10 p.m. out. Last Saturday, for example, I went out about 1 a.m. Me and my friends wanted to go to Potemkin which is a club with rock&indie music. We arrived there about 2 and were told that it’s opened from… 4 a.m. Incredible! I knew that partying in Spain starts late but didn’t know that so late in some cases.

As a closing thought I’ll tell you that I’ve found a marketplace in Salamanca (el rastro/mercadillo). It’s open every Sunday (when most of supermarkets and shops are closed) and you can buy there new clothes and shoes cheaply. Well, I’ve already spent 60E there. I definitely recommend to go there.

OK that’s it for today, I think I’ll say ‘Hello’ to Ibuprofen sachets now.

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