Salamanca: Last week before the classes start

Last week I went with my flatmate to Cursos Internacionales to enrol on Spanish for Erasmus students course. Although we came to the office just at the opening time, to our surprise, there had already been a queue. Or rather A QUEUE.

Long enough to wait 1 hour to get a form. But it’s not just it. Having received the form, Kira ran to the bank to pay the fee (100E for 30-hour course if you’re interested) while I was keeping a place for us in a queue to different desk. Still, we waited another hour to hand in the payment confirmation… I console myself with the thought that at least there was not much red tape involved.

I’m forgetting the words. Or rather I cannot remember the words I obviously have already known. Both in Spanish and English to make it worse. For example, my German friends asked me why I had thrown the rice away. I said ‘because it was er quemado, I forgot the English equivalent guys. Gimme a sec…’. Of course I didn’t remember the word. It was them who said ‘You mean burned?’. Yes, OMG, burned, such an easy word. Another example, I stayed in the kitchen with Kira speaking Spanish. I couldn’t remember simple words for things like a spoon, fridge, washing machine in Spanish. Such a shame. Since then I keep noting down any words I can’t remember with their equivalent in the other language.

I didn’t have any problems with buying a SIM card to my mobile. I went to ‘The Phone House’ which is a Spanish version of ‘The Carphone Warehouse’ and bought ‘Happy Móvil’ card. I think it’s cheap and simple, with 10 minutes free daily to ‘Happy Móvil’ numbers and pretty tolerable price for international calls. Some people recommended me also Orange and Vodafone, but I couldn’t decide between ‘free minutes’ and ‘free text messages’ to your network. And I didn’t know what network my friends-to-be would have.

I still don’t know if it’s worth applying for NIE, kind of identity number for foreigners. ‘Practical Information’ booklet I have obtained from International Office says that it might be needed for example if I want to rent a car. I went to Santander bank to ask if NIE is required to open a student account and was told that all I need to bring is my student card and passport. So for now instead of spending 10E on NIE, I can spend it on drinks and tapas in ‘casetas’.

Talking about casetas… So far I have been going out almost everyday. Starting about 9 or 10 p.m. and finishing mostly at 6 a.m. And sleeping until 12 or 3 p.m. Salamanca never sleeps – there’s no day without party!

And here are my lovely friends: Estonian Psychology student Sabina who’s here on Erasmus, me and Anna from Hungary who’s doing a Spanish course in Salamanca and unfortunately leaving soon.

de Fiesta

That’s all today. Next time I’ll write about classes which actually started today…

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