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  1. grammarking says:

    Opening a bank account actually turned out to be really easy. Once I had a NIE number all I had to do was turn up to a branch (I chose La Caixa on a recommendation) and it took about half an hour and a couple of signatures. Make sure you carry your passport with you. Not only is it useful for things like this but actually, it’s supposedly the law. Spanish people have to carry their ID cards with them (if they’re stopped and they don’t have it, they can be arrested), and the foreigner’s equivalent is the passport. Many bank accounts come with a little book (libreta) like you get with a building society in the UK, but you can use them at the cash machine too. The bank account’s costing me 2 euros a month.

    Accommodation is still in progress. I think I’m going to book a couple more days here at the hostel since I only have one day left and I’d like a buffer zone just in case. It’s particularly difficult because roughly half of the adverts are looking for just girls, and many of the others are looking for someone for the whole year. My year’s split so I’m only here til February. This is a problem particularly if you’re living with students, so I’ve resolved to look outside campus so I can live with normal real-world people because they probably won’t care when I’m leaving. One problem with that is that internet isn’t so important to non-students and it’s vital to me for all kinds of things, so I’ve had to turn a few flats down.

    One piece of advice I would give, especially if you’re studying MEL at Edinburgh, is to stay away from agencies. There’s one called EPS Malaga (they have a website but it’s useless) on Calle La Victoria which I went to today, but firstly the majority of their clients are German Erasmus students and you should really live with Spaniards if you’re studying the language, secondly the flats were in pretty poor condition (some quite run down – although in the centre), and thirdly they’re quite expensive because the agency changes commission. So not ideal. But I saw some adverts that looked like they were fresh up for rooms in the centre at 250eu/month with everything included, including internet. So I’m going to call them this afternoon and hopefully get myself sorted.

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