Building an offshore wind and salmon farm in France

To deepen my understanding on conducting sustainable projects and get in touch with engineers devoted to careers in helping energy transition, this summer, I took the Offshore Renewables and Aquaculture Summer Workshop at ESITC Caen. I was so lucky to work with my passionate and creative teammates, with whom I delivered a thoughtful analysis on how can we actually build the farm, produce electricity and grow salmons. Plus, I could not be more happy to taste the culture in North Normandy!

Group exercise in a lecture on wind farm layout design.
Lecture on fish farm designing principles given by Dr Stromsem from NTNU.
Site visit to Salmon De France. Learning about the L’Aquaponie, a cycled farming model suitable for urban areas.
Site visit to Salmon De France. Seeing how salmons are produced from breeding to harvesting and manufacturing.

Apart from working, I had a great adventure into French food, culture and history.

Thrilled by French people’s obsession in making great wine. At a local tavern in Caen.
Take the courage to try Tartare with my French friends!
Tartare made of genuine Normadie beef. Unforgettable wet and sour taste from fresh meat!
Visit to the Mont-Saint Michel, a heritage witnessed more than a thousand years’ conflicts and conquers.
Goodbye party at the harbour of Caen.

In one month’s time, I have gained first-hand experience on making a tender for a sustainable project. With this experience of leading an international team, I have been unprecedentedly competent in cross-culture communication, which will be of tremendous help to my future career. Thank you Go Abroad Funding! I am so grateful that this funding has encouraged and supported me to broaden my horizon, and that more and more UoE students will benefit from this!

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