Animal Sciences and Spanish Culture

In this summer, I visited Spain for an animal science conference for a week. The conference, International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG), is held in the inland city Lleida, with a 200 Km distance from Barcelona. There are more than 500 attendees from 40 countries across the world. Meeting is based on the genetic topics of a variety of species, including cattle, sheep, dog, fish, pig and so forth. 500 posters and more than 200 talks were given by well-known professors, excellent post-graduate students and biology company staffs. I took in many new technologies and smart idea from talks and posters, also I exhibited my study results in form of poster. Fortunately, I won the excellent poster award as one of thirteen winners. In the Gala dinner, I encountered my colleagues in Roslin Institute and we had a very enjoyable time. After attending the conference, I went to Barcelona for a week traveling. I appreciate Antoni Gaudí‘s architectures by visiting Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, and Casa Batllo. I was engaged into Spanish football culture by doing a one-day tour to Camp Nou. I enjoyed Barcelona street food, e.g. seafood rice and ham.

Overall, very fantastic trip in this summer, and many thanks to Go Abroad Fund supporting me in finance.

Traditional welcome-event at the third day of conference
Talking given by professor Ostrander from National Institutes of Health. Topic: Evolution and divergence of modern dogs
NEOGEN company stall
Poster exhibition
Gala dinner event with Chinese and Turkey friends
Excellent Poster Award certification
street in Barcelona
Motorbike, taxi, and bus
Hey, are you selling Page pig?
Ham market
Casa Mila designed by Gaudi
Well known Sagrada Familia by Gaudi
Interesting building
I am Messi’s fan!
Camp Now overview

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