Goa For It! – Volunteering with Vets and Wildlife in India

Having somehow made it through to the fifth and final year of my veterinary degree, I booked a rather spontaneous trip to India with my friend. We were warned that as soon as we got to India, everything would go wrong. Turns out, they were right. Everything did go wrong, but we coped. Having a plan B, and maybe even a plan C, D and E is definitely the way forward.
Words cannot express how much I loved (and learnt during) my time there. Everyone at Animal Rescue Centre (ARC) Goa works so hard to give these animals the best chance at life, while maintaining welfare and hygiene during all the surgeries – which is not easy during monsoon season. Volunteering here has shown me how big a difference a small amount of compassion can make to an animal’s life, and it’s something I will not forget.
The pictures that follow are mostly of the animals we met during our time, as we were really struck by how they just wanted human contact. There are a few other pictures, such as cows on a beach and a local harvesting coconuts, but I chose to show mostly the wonderful animals, they’re the reason I want to be a vet.

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