My five weeks in Norway’s capital were incredibly enriching, because of both how much I learnt about the world, and also because of how much I learn about this small Nordic country specifically. Working for a tech company focused on invigorating the tourist experience, much of my work turned out to be remote, allowing me to enjoy the city and all its charms away from the confines of an office. From mapping, photographing and digitally anthologising Oslo’s street art, to running the social media of the firm, I spent almost all of my time outside – in different neighbourhoods, meeting different people and, most crucially, speaking Norwegian. I really feel confident speaking the language now, which also means I can be understood by Swedes and Danes. I learnt so much crucial information about sustainability, society, democracy and immigration from a city so committed to civilisation, whilst making friends for life from all over the world. Thank you, Edinburgh, for allowing me to do this!

Categories: Europe, Go Abroad Fund, Norway

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