My unforgettable summer in South India

This summer thanks to the Principal Go Abroad Fund and the student society – Edinburgh Global partnership I travelled with a group of volunteers to Kerala, India. During the academic year we fundraised over 5 thousand pounds for the project. Then in India we helped with the construction work and visited the community that will benefit from the project. At the end of two months 20 small scale fish ponds were created. They will help the poorest families in the region to generate additional income. For me participating in the project was an unforgettable experience, as it was my first chance to travel outside Europe. I am still amazed by the hospitality and friendliness of Indian people we met both in the village of Vellanad and during our weekend travels. The whole experience definitely widen my horizons and broke many stereotypes about India I was told before.

As I am more of a photographer than a writer here is a short photoblog from my experience in India.

Mitraniketan Guest House – our home away from home for two months.
Local women’s organization – one of the beneficiaries of our project. On their meeting we were given my favourite chai (sweet, milky tea) in India.
Kathakali theater – a chance to experience traditional Indian culture during weekend travels.
Tea plantation in Munnar – my favorite place out of those I have visited in India during weekends.
Market in Mumbai –  a place where you can buy literally everything you can think of.
Rainy seashore in Mumbai – we visited India during the monsoon season.
Bangalore Palace – beautiful mixture between colonial and Indian styles.
Chinese fishing nets in Fort Kochi – fishing method introduced in India in the 14th century by Chinese explorers.
Indian food prepared by us during a cooking class we attended on one of the weekend travels. Indian cuisine is absolutely the best in the world. I already miss that amazing homemade cabbage, biryani and carrot halva.
The fish day – The long awaited they, when we put fishlings into the prepared ponds.
Finished fish pond – in about 7 months fish will be ready to harvest.

Pizza making with school kids – at the end of our stay we made 15 giant pizzas for everyone in the village. Not suprisingly it was decided that Indian food is better.
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