Vamos a Valencia

One of the main advantages of living in Spain for the year is the opportunities to travel to so many Amazing places within the country. I have surely taken advantage of the Erasmus trips offered and one of those was a 5 hour bus ride from Granada to Valencia.

Known for being the home of Paella, architecture and football I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in this beautiful place and if you find yourself in Spain you should to.

What to do?

  • Take a walk around the city in and out all the beautiful streets and find a restaurant or bar to sit out in the sun and people watch.
  • Eat Paella!!! It really is the home of Paella and whilst I have had it many times in numerous different places in Spain it was very much the best Paella! However, make sure you know that the price beside the Paella is per person and not to share. We all made this mistake and so it was the most expensive meal I have had since being in Spain.
  • Visit the Cathedral at sunset and pay the 2 euros to climb up the tower to the top where the bell is. Be prepared as it is a slight workout as there are more stairs that you would think and they are very steep.
  • Go to the Marina and see the fireworks show. I don’t know how often the show is but it was 8pm on Saturday night and we all packed ourselves onto a very full bus and made our way to the Marina. Granted we arrived just as the show finished and so we only saw the fireworks from the bus but the atmosphere there and walking along the marina was a fun time. 
  • Visit the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and Oceanográfic! The Science park was so beautiful with really intriging architecture and beautiful palm tree gardens and blue water to surround it. As for the Oceanográfic, as much as I don’t agree with having marine life kept in anywhere apart from their natural habitat, it was a really interesting and cool place where you are able to walk around the different areas and see all sorts of marine life and there was ever a massive amphitheatre to see a spectacular doliphin show.
  • Go to the beach! Valencia like Barcelona has the advantage of not only being an Amazing city but also have a really nice beach!

How you know if a trip was good is if you arrive back feeling  exhausted from exploring and experiencing and that is definitely what we did in Valencia.

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