Oktoberfest is a massive event that takes place every year in Germany. If you are studying abroad anywhere in Europe, I would highly recommend making the trip to Germany to experience it. 


This is the world’s largest beer festival which lasts 2/3 weeks every year. The main place for this festival is Munich. I would say that if you are studying anywhere in Germany it is well worth booking a flix bus or a train and getting yourself there. The history of this great event dates back to 1810, where it first became a celebration because of a wedding between Crown Prince Ludwig, later to become King Ludwig I, and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. It’s now a massive day festival where people dress up and party, usually with fun fare rides and beer tents and live music. 

Where to go 

Looking back now and from conversations I’ve had with people who did make the trip I would advise anyone who wants to experience Oktoberfest properly to go to Munich. It is the central hub and apparently best place to experience Oktoberfest properly. However because we lived in the Netherlands and did not know much about the festival we travelled to Hannover in Germany. To be honest, I think everywhere you go in Germany during this period is going to celebrate Oktoberfest in a big way so if you want to maybe save some money or not travel as far then go anywhere in Germany. We took the flix bus from the Netherlands so it cost us almost nothing to get to go. 


Avoid going at the weekends if you can – it is super crowded and filled with tourists. Plus, you will probably find you get cheaper flights and accommodation going during the week. If you want a table in one of the beer hall tents (highly recommend) then make sure you book in advance. We had such an amazing day- there is a fun fare filled with rides, lots of beer, food and an overall good atmosphere. It is expensive to buy food and drink there so make sure you factor that in, all in all would recommend. 

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