International Conferences in Barcelona and Paris

As a final year PhD student I was successful in securing places at two separate international conferences to present my work – EFORT meeting in Barcelona and ISMRM-ESMRMB in Paris. These international research conferences gave me a great platform to reach a wider research audience and offered me a fantastic opportunity for networking with PhD students and experts in the field.

I presented 3 separate pieces of work at the EFORT meeting In Barcelona. One of my posters was selected for the ‘Poster Walk’ and had to present my work to a panel of experts. My poster was awarded the best poster prize selected out of its scientific topic group. In my spare time I managed to visit the majestic Sagardia Familia which started construction in 1882 and to this day is still being built.

The next conference I presented at was the joint ISMRM – ESMRM in Paris. This is the biggest international annual radiology scientific congress and I feel honoured that my research was selected for presentation at this prestigious meeting. In my free time I managed to see the sights of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, the Sacre Coeur, the Notre Dam, the Arc de Triumph and Moulin Rouge.

I am incredibly grateful for the financial support I received through PGAF and having being a student in Edinburgh since 2010 I felt very honoured to represent the University of Edinburgh.

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