Tackling diabetes with indigenous Vietnamese

Thanks to the Principal’s Go Abroad fund, I had the opportunity to work closely and organise events with a target population of the non-communicable diseases programme I have researching with for my MSc thesis fieldwork in Vietnam. You can see below the pictures of one field trip with Katu rural diabetes patients and a local artist cooperative which provided materials for a bespoke diabetes booklet I am currently producing.

The Go Abroad fund also enabled me to organise two lunches with local village health workers (health advisors) and district health practitioners. We cooked together in the health centre and shared healthy practices and recipes for diabetes patients.

In summary, the Principal’s Go Abroad fund enabled me to remain another few days at the heart of a small village called TaBhing. It has been an honour to be welcomed again amongt its inhabitants and to be included in village activities.


Categories: Asia, Go Abroad Fund, Vietnam

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