My internship in Prague

As a Medical sciences student I decided to look for an internship in a lab. I always liked travelling and have been a few times in Prague and fell in love with the city. So I thought, why not!

Finding an internship

The first step was sending e-mails. After sending dozens of e-mails, I got a few responses. I liked a bigger company who owned a few labs and clinics all over the city, so I decided to apply. After getting an internship in their diagnostic lab, I was very excited as they also offered internships to other students from different universities. I was looking forward to spending 5 weeks in this beautiful city, meeting new people and travelling.

My internship and Prague

I worked in a diagnostic lab and I got to meet my colleagues and other students and interns. I could go through all the departments, such as Immunology, Biochemistry or Haematology. During the last two weeks, I chose my favourite department and I could learn the different techniques in more detail. During my free time, I travelled through Prague, visited different sites and museums, the zoo, Charles Bridge, little restaurants and bars.

I would recommend Prague as a city for an internship. It was easy to find accommodation, people were very nice and there is definitely lots to do and explore!

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