Working with WVS in India

This summer (2018) I had the opportunity to work with the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) in Goa. This is a charity, which provides veterinary care to animals in need all over the world. I was mainly part of the animal birth control programme, which provides free spays/castrates to dogs on the street as well as aftercare before releasing them back in the exact location they were caught. The aim of this programme is to implement population control as well as help with the welfare of the dogs living on the streets. The site that I visited also had kennels dedicated to treating dogs found on the streets with many conditions, including: infected bite wounds and broken limbs from traffic accidents. During my stay I also got the chance to spend a day with the Mission Rabies team (another part of the WVS charity); we spent the day in Bicholim catching, vaccinating, marking and releasing dogs.


First week accommodation


Second week accommodation (upgrade)


Meeting Susie


Meeting Jelly


Learning to do a spay



Vaccinating puppies against rabies


Little break from dog catching


The Mission Rabies catching team


Last day cake cutting


Photo of all of the students on the course (plus Chester and Simi – the dogs)


Saying bye to the WVS team

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