Sustainable Development Project in Peru

In June 2018 I was privileged to receive funding from the Go Abroad Fund, which allowed me to travel to Peru and take part in a sustainable development volunteering project. This took place in the high jungle of Peru, where I learned about reforestation, from sapling growth to planting and aftercare. I was also taught how to reuse absolutely everything that is brought into the jungle – food waste and cut down plants were taken through composting stages in order to eliminate food waste. Plastic and glass bottles were used in construction of buildings at the project, such as a green house made entirely of plastic bottles, and showers built with glass bottles and cement. It was very eye opening to learn so much about eco-methods in construction, project development and everyday living. I am very excited to share my new knowledge with friends, family and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh.

Categories: Central and South America & the Caribbean, Go Abroad Fund, Peru

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