Trip to Italy and the Digital Marketing course at Bocconi University

Opportunity Background

Thanks to receiving the GoAbroad Fund, I was able to fulfill my longstanding dream of exploring the Italian culture! In July of 2018, the Bocconi Summer School in Milan warmly welcomed me with a variety of lectures, company visits, guest speakers, and social events. Everyone in Italy was so friendly and hospitable which made the whole experience unforgettable!

Course schedule

The participants of over 80 different nationalities taking part in the program, enabled a unique opportunity of diverse team-working on an Internet-of-Things presentation. In particular, we have really bonded whilst staying together at the Arcobaleno residence halls, which is just 15 minutes from the main campus. Our favourite activities were watching movies and FIFA matches. I was very sad to say goodbye to all of them at the final ceremony straight after our final exams.

Company Visits

In order to get a hands-on application of the theoretical concepts learned in classes, company visits and talks were incorporated into the course schedule. These involved a Reply conference at Bocconi, Vodafone village, and a visit to Samsung’s showroom



Fun Socials

The highlights of activities organised by Bocconi staff included ‘Milan Sightseeing’, ‘Cooking Team Building’ at “the Food Genius Academy”, and a visit to QC Terme Spa. On the weekends, we would self-organise trips to places around Italy, such as lake Como, Florence and Venice.


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