A second a day in Japan

I’ve been reaaaaally bad at posting updates on this blog as well as my own blog. Apologies! I thought the quickest way to let you into life in Japan would be to show you my videos of a second of film a day. There are a lot of adventures, but also a lot of down days. Overall though it’s been a great way to document my year abroad – I only started in January and wish I’d done it since September!
So, here’s the three videos, with highlights: January travelling in Hong Kong, February travelling in Japan, March travelling in Vietnam and Bali, April enjoying the cherry blossom in Japan, and a bit of actual uni life thrown in there too.
They are best viewed on YouTube, so here are the links.
p.s. I also did a collab YouTube video with another student here who talks about life in Japan. We reviewed some strange Japanese snacks (of which there are plenty). You can check that out too, on YouTube here!
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