What I am most looking forward to about my time abroad in Singapore

When I was told that I would be spending my fourth year in Singapore, my immediate reaction was an overwhelming sense of excitement. The chance to go and explore a completely different culture from the one that I have known my entire life was too tempting to refuse.

The subject I study at Edinburgh is Chemistry and for the upcoming year, I will be a research student at NTU. This will provide me a chance to really apply the skills I have gained during my first 3 years at university and hopefully gain some new ones as well!

There are several reasons why I am excited to be going to Singapore. One is that I will meet a variety of new people, some local and others international like myself. Either way, it will be great to meet new people and learn all about their respective cultures.

I am a bit of a history buff and I am looking forward to visiting the National Museum of Singapore, where I can gain a good look into the history of Singapore and learn all about its fascinating past. Furthermore, I am excited to go and visit the famous Singapore Botanic Gardens!

Despite there being a severe lack of “chippies” in Singapore, I have been well-advised to try all the cuisine when I move over in September, and being a big fan of enjoying good food (as I imagine most people are!), this certainly does appeal to me.

I have also been informed of a night safari that exists in Singapore and I think it would be amazing to see a variety of wild animals in close vicinity under nightfall! Moreover, I am excited to see what the Singaporean nightlife is like in comparison to Edinburgh.

There are also various unique festivals that take place in Singapore, such as the Chinese New Year. The chance to experience the Chinese New Year in Asia itself is something that I am very excited for as it will be totally new to me and I will get to be a part of an iconic celebration.

In addition, the climate appears to be that of a hot and humid one. Whether my Scottish roots will adapt to this climate is another matter altogether.

As the day approaches to when I leave, nerves will undoubtedly build up. It is certainly a daunting prospect- the idea of leaving home to go and live in a completely different country. However, the opportunity to discover the Singaporean culture and experience Asia is one that I am most definitely relishing!

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