Erasmus Exchange in Freiburg. Part VI

Those of you, who are from Edinburgh or spent a decent amount of time exploring it, know that it has some really interesting and beautiful (in a slightly creepy way I guess) graveyards. Having this disposition, when I was looking at Freiburg through Google Maps and saw a place called Hauptfriedhof (the main graveyard) I decided that it might be a good idea to check it out. Thus on one foggy Tuesday morning I took the tram no. 5 which brought me right to the impressive entrance.

I don’t have a picture of it, so that’s the entrance photo found via Google.

One thing to say about this graveyard is that it definitely looks Haupt.

I wouldn’t say that it has that strange mysterious atmosphere that Edinburgh’s old graveyards do, but it has something else. The inscription at the gate claims ‘Sie ruhen in Frieden !’ and I can easily agree that it is easy to feel Frieden (peace) there. The place is very well looked after, it’s full of flowers, and trees, and bushes, and ponds…

Here are a few pictures I took during that morning:


2 5 6 7


View from my window when it get’s foggy and gloomy

P.S. Since I mentioned fog a few times already, another interesting observation I can make is that Freiburg in Autumn seems to be foggy much more often than Edinburgh does which is not something you’d expect from officially the sunniest town in Germany.

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