Japanese sweets making workshop, Kyoto

Today I had a chance to visit to sweet making workshop with some other students who are studying Japanese language and culture at Ritsumeikan University. It was such a great hand on experience. This sweet is what I made in the first time. Looks yummy, isn’t it? 🙂


I have tried different kind of sweets and these Japanese style sweets are really delicious and cute. I have known how Japanese people have created these kind of sweets. It was really interesting.

_DSC1055_1889   _DSC1035_1869 _DSC1037_1871 _DSC1045_1879

They spend a lot of time to make it. According to the well experienced chef who has been in that industry making sweets for about 30 years, the sweets tradition come along with the Tea tradition in Japan. As tea ceremony was widely held through out Japan since very long time ago, people invented to serve sweets before they serve tea to their guests. Since then people have been focusing on making sweet in so many different ways.

I could have a chance to see so many different styles of making sweets. The sweets looks so tasty , colourful and so cute. Here are some examples of sweets they have made. Will you believe these sweets are made with rice powder and sugar?




When the first time I saw these flowers, I thought it was real flowers. The sweets makers explained us that those flowers are made with sweets and not the real flowers. However, it took about a year to finish it and It will last about two years.

It was amazing how they can create such beautiful sweets. The aim to create this kind of sweets are to represent their long history of sweets making and to show their skills of how well they can make very nice sweets.


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  1. Wow. These are works of art. It makes you not want to eat it.

    • Hello Arriacross,

      Thanks for the comment. Ya, it looks awesome. I was so impressed with their art but didn’t want to eat because I had a big breakfast.. 😛 :P. If not I might wanted to eat.. 😛 😛

      • Oh, no. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat these. They’re just too beautiful to ruin. But oh well. They’re supposed to be eaten since their sweets. Hmmm. Hard decision.

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