Discovery Bay and Constitutional Court

Today I learnt how to turn pinyin into traditional Chinese characters so I can now type in Chinese which will be very useful. I just hope I remember to change back the settings! There was also a class presentation this week where I used all the mandarin I have learnt to introduce myself and answer questions.

I finally managed to see more of the harbour on the fantastic Hong Kong star ferries which was traditionally the only way to cross over to central. Alongside the maritime museum which focuses on the importance of Hong Kong in world trade.

I managed to visit constitutional court of Hong Kong which was interesting from a legal perspective and ties in with my subjects next year. Aswell as the CEO office which is a elected governor of Hong Kong by the PRC. It is very interesting to understand the ongoing democracy demonstrations as the 50 year transfer period continues to expire.

Hong Kong is unique in that away from the central district there is a number of bays which have a mixture of real and artificial beaches these are a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. I managed to go sailing with some of the other students in Discovery bay but got somewhat sunburnt as a result. After missing cycling I managed to rent a bike and explore the bay on bicycle which was a refreshing change of pace.

Hong Kong must be one of the best served public transport in the world and there seems to be a multitude of little mini buses, subway (MTR is also responsible for the London cross rail project), tramway, bus and the cheapest taxis I have ever used.

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