Travel Manifesto


I can’t wait to get to Hong Kong after finishing this placement, although the prospect of going from the relevantly cold weather of Scotland to 33c does fills me with dread. I am going to study summer Chinese program at Hong Kong University. This whole process has crept up on me, since the initial rush for the visa and cut off dates. I would like to thank Thomas, who without which I would have been unable to meet the quick turn around times without him. Now with my visa and accommodation sorted all that is left is surviving the 13 hour flight from London to Hong Kong!

I’m expecting a great culture shock, which is intimidatingly but hopefully the experience of doing the course will mitigate this. However due to the international nature of Hong Kong itself and the positioning of the university very close to Central I will hopefully avoid feeling homesick. It will be interesting living by myself or with a random room mate which could lead to a number of surprises.

Goals I hope to achieve

The international aspect of Hong Kong as a global financial centre will play an every greater role in the world economy. I hope studying in Hong Kong will giving me a greater understanding of the demands that an international centre of commerce gives. Asia has such a vibrant and exciting culture with a unique east meets west feel of Hong Kong.

Having never really shown much interest in languages at school level, only now appreciating the usefulness of becoming bilingual I look forward to improving my lack of language skills. I hope that when I return to China that my mandarin with a Scottish accent is not too much of a give away that I am yet another tourist. Hopefully a course a Edinburgh will supplement what I learn on this experience.

I believe that these opportunity interact with a broad range of interesting people, which will allow me to make new friends with different experiences to my own. When exposed to challenging new environments will improve my confidence as I overcome cultural and language barriers.
Skills I would like to Develop


Improving my international prospective will be crucial to entering the graduate market. Increasing competition in the graduate market in allowing myself an interesting story to sell to employers. Due to the global nature of business an understanding of changing demographics across the world will be crucial to entering the graduate market.

Managing to get to class a day after I arrive in a city I know little of will be an interesting experience hopefully it won’t devolve into a hopeless Duke of Edinburgh map reading exercise. I would like to develop my ability to adapt in a new environment outside my comfort zone.

From a personal perspective it will give me the opportunity to reflect on whether I see myself staying within Scotland or entering a more global environment.

Finally apologises for the late submission of this entry as I have only just got rid of my jet lag, I am also unable to escape the demands of 4th year as a very helpful Edinburgh lecturer is here and able to help me start my dissertation.


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