Top Tip Before an Adventure: Write a ‘Travel Manifesto’

So MAAAYBE it’s not on the top of everyone’s list, but having a few ideas of what I could potentially achieve during my time in Japan, is probably a nice and productive way to start things. (No doubt once I arrive the majority of my time will be spent in awe and so sketching up a plan to refer back to, would be very useful).


Although this post will be made up of text, my initial thoughts are to blog through videos (and pictures) during my time in Kyoto. I say initial because I’m not entirely sure how practical or time consuming this might be and being the technophobe that I am, I’m concerned that my inability to properly use my laptop might result in a simpler, slightly more achievable text and picture type blog – but we shall see! I might need to do some research…

Anyhow, as part of the Study Asia Programme the Travel Manifesto requires each participant to list three goals we hope to achieve and three skills we hope to develop (riveting stuff).

So here goes:

I’ve never studied or practised the Japanese language before in my life SO to be able to come back with at least knowing how to hold a polite and semi-lengthy conversation (without the Scottish accent) in Japanese would do quite nicely.


I would also love the opportunity to be taught traditional Japanese calligraphy AND on a more personal level, this will be my first time travelling and living away from home. Ever ! SO, this programme will finally help me achieve independence and prove to myself that I can manage, or least attempt to, fend and take care of myself.



I certainly want to develop my understanding and respect for Japanese culture but I hope that my visits to the temples and sacred places of Kyoto will not only enhance my own religious and spiritual views but also expand them and allow me to share the same sort of enlightenment once I return to Edinburgh.

I would definitely like to improve my sense of direction and what better way to do than travel half way across the world?

Hmmm, and lastly, I guess I would love to come home knowing that I experienced all that I could and I have always had an open mind to tasting foods and new foods at least once, so to develop that skill and push myself to try weird and wonderful things (blowfish perhaps?) would be a great start to a story…



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