China Time!

I am about to begin a four week International Summer Session at Fudan University in China, Shanghai and I am MORE than ready! Despite studying English Language and Literature at University, I thought I’d try mixing things up a little (and move a bit away from my English obsession…) so while at Fudan I’ll be studying Intercultural Communication and Chinese Political Philosophy. This should be interesting.



Goals I hope to achieve:

I have never been to East Asia before and I’m not all that exposed to the culture either so while away I really want to immerse myself and learn all about it. I reckon it’ll be a major culture shock at first, but I really look forward to the newness of it all. I want to understand and appreciate all aspects, from language to tradition and everything in between.


I also hope to become mentally and emotionally stronger. I think this trip will really challenge me and test my independence skills. I think I’ll learn a lot about myself and it’ll just be an awesomely enlightening experience!


Finally, I love meeting new people and I can’t imagine a better setting or environment to find such a diverse range. So, my third goal would be to make plenty of new friends and just learn from all the different people I meet during my time there.


Skills I hope to develop:

Although I feel pretty independent already, this trip will really test my ability to be self-sufficient. It’ll be my first time living alone and even just out of the house, since my first two years at university have been spent at home. Seeing as I never do house work and can’t cook a thing, I am trying to stay optimistic! But being even more independent and learning to fend for myself is definitely a skill I want to develop while away.

I also want to use my initiative more, improvise and just be more spontaneous. Shanghai and Fudan will give me a wealth of opportunities to do things I’ve never done before and I want to just… go with the flow (?) and take it all as it comes. I want to learn to experience everything and take chances while I’m away, because I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Thirdly, I want to develop my academic abilities. I have loved every part of University in Edinburgh (socially and academically) and I think studying in a different county, with different people, learning different subjects can only help me more when I return to the UK. I want to improve how I learn, revise and interact with other students and take these skills back into my final honours years and beyond.

So without further ado… I AM OFF! Get ready Pudong Airport, I’ll be with you soon.


 Oh, I also hope to gain the skill of getting lost less…

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  1. This is a beautiful post, very well written 😉 I hope you have an amazing time and it is beautiful and lovely and fun and everything 😀

  2. Whats a great read! Exciting opportunity to be an ambassador for the University of Edinburgh at China’s most prestigious university. We’ll be monitoring your blog posts to watch your journey. All the best!

  3. A really good blog.
    Very impressive to read about your new journey & the challenges that lie ahead.
    This will open up a new world for you to meet.
    Congratulations & well done so far for taking this major step.
    Keep up the good work & keep us posted.

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