Change is in the Air…

Last Sunday our clocks went back an hour. The changes in daylight (dark by 6pm!) have got me thinking (watch out) about other changing things.

Up until now I’ve laughed at anyone who has complained about the cold in Melbourne, considering them utterly ridiculous. But… last night in bed I had to wear a jumper, and today thin trousers were too thin! It was about 19 degrees Celsius, and I was feeling chilly. It also rained for 2 days straight, which both our vegetable garden and I did not feel great about. Can I really be truly British anymore? Well – as Vicky Bennett has taught me to conclude – it’s all a state of mind. When you have 30 degree days as an average, it does become a very lovely norm. I’m going to miss those days. (Don’t feel too bad for me; this week is forecast for mid-20s.) I’ve been wondering how I’ll cope in winter in Edinburgh this year, but I’m sure it’ll be nice to snuggle up in big coats and wellies. I’m looking forward to it.



Cardi House has changed very much. Kathryn and Em have moved out, and Michelle and Nada have moved in.The former I sorely miss, but it’s been a character building (and fun) transition. I’ve been taught, once again, that you have to work at things to make them really good, and that it tends to be worthwhile. We’re all learning a lot from each other here, and loving it. I’ve enforced a weekly chores rota (roster they call it here, how funny!), which I’m loving and the others are managing.

A couple of slight lifestyle changes. I’ve been trying out vegetarianism for the last few months. It’s tricky as I actually reeeeally like meat. A lot. I think I might have to compromise, as I’m not doing too well. Australia have this darn great burger bar called Grill’d, and the veggie burgers pale in insignificance under the Mighty Melbourne burger with beef, bacon, cheese, egg and beetroot. Which leads me nicely into telling you thaaaat….Dan and I have joined the university gym! Now this is pretty ridiculous as I’ve concluded many times throughout life that exercise is not for me. I am, however, surprisingly enjoying it, and the zumba classes are keeping me sane. I’d love you all to have seen Dan doing it with me – he’s a good booty-shaker.

Now all of the above is pretty insignificant in comparison to the change that’ll be happening in a few months time. After a lengthy and, to say the least, strenuous process, Dan has been accepted to study on exchange at Bristol University next semester! When he said that he wouldn’t let me go, I didn’t think he meant it. I underestimated his integrity. It’s a pretty big step for both of us, particularly him; he’s never left the country, yet he’s so ready for it. I’m sure there’ll be challenges to be faced. He can read my Girl vs Admin blog post for top tips. On a more serious note, it’s so good to know that leaving Australia in early July won’t mean leaving him for a year!

Lots of other things have changed too, like my courses, time commitments, perspectives, but I’ll tell you about them another time!

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