Boston, Bonspiels and babes in Birkenstocks

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Croatian third division football, Kim Kardashian’s little sister’s hairdresser’s love life and the Icelandic constitution. Before moving to Canada, I would happily have added the game of curling to this list of things I couldn’t possibly give less of a shit about.

By no means do I wish to overstate my newfound Bonspiel appreciation…let’s be honest, it is little more than a slippery version of bowls, rightly reserved in Britain for the over 65s. But the harmless fun of it all, the importance of etiquette and the inclusivity of the sport make it so telling of the Canadian way of life. “Protect the button, just protect the bloody button this end!” Before I could help myself, I was already offering my expertise to the Canadian Olympic side.


Perhaps it is by the nature of doing a degree in History and Politics, with the constant emphasis on critique, analysis and pedantry…

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