The Final Countdown

Brit on Tour

Before I get back to the future, let me tell you about the trauma of the end of my first semester.

I don’t want to dwell on this for too long because I’d rather you enjoyed my company but I must indulge my inner whinger briefly for the sake of life documentation. On arrival in America, Penn’s workload felt a bit like being smacked in the face by a brick wall; during finals week it was open brain surgery without anesthetic. I found myself churning out 10,000 words in three days and working 8am-3ams in the library. Generally, it felt like my mental health was being pulled out through my nose. I wondered if I was going through some kind of new age mummification process. Major credit is due to any kid who can brave Ivy League education for the full four years, lord knows I wouldn’t have the stamina.

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