Halloween and Midterms

The run up to Halloween is proving to be a larger culture shock than previously expected. Not only have most students been discussing their costume plans since early September, but it is also midterms. Neither of these issues are really present in Edinburgh. Yes we have Halloween, but nobody is thaaaat into it. Here it is one of the biggest events of the semester, and people really do go all out. Midterms on the other hand is something we, thankfully, don’t have in Edinburgh. I fell like I’ve just gotten here and now EXAMS??? These two stresses are going to be the death of me. Oddly enough the Halloween costume is bothering me more. The exams are almost over and I am prepared: clear professors have given expectations. Halloween on the other hand is going to be an unprecedented week of seriously hardcore American style partying. I don’t have a good costume in mind, and I certainly don’t know what to expect. I am now probably going to spend the next hour/rest of the day frantically perusing the web for an interesting and unique Halloween costume to marvel my American friends, rather than studying for a midterm and writing a paper….

Categories: George Washington, Washington D.C, USA

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