Twerking….. and more

The first two days have most definitely exceeded my expectations of American university life. Literally words cannot describe how strange some of the things we have witnessed AND have done in two days. So orientation started with a pool party and pizza, quite standard as I had  expected. But then came day two. It started off with them revealing to us that we were going to perform a flash mob in front of the Library of Congress on Saturday, meaning it will be full of tourists. The ‘cotton eyed joe’ dance is what they taught us and the look on all the other exchange students face’s was of absolute shock. We all knew it was going to be super American and everything in orientation week was going to be new and ‘interesting’ and highly animated in true American fashion: but none of us were prepared for this. I think in all of us a little part of ourselves died.


Then the leaders (4th year GW students who went on exchange in their 3rd year) organized a dorm party. At said party they performed various dances: twerking, teach me how to dougie, and cat daddying. Again all non-Americans were in complete awe of what was transpiring. But to be honest it was hilarious and kind of cool. We all decided we simply have to embrace this über stereotypical American way and learn to love it. Whether you will find me twerking in the club, we shall have to see. 

I hope you are all waiting in anticipation of my complete public embarrassment during the flash mob that they intend to post on youtube. 

Stay tuned….

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