Arrival in Washington DC in sight!

I had to wait four hours at the US embassy for an “interview” that consisted only of: where do you go to university and what do you study, cool, enjoy your year. Glad to know the interview is taken so seriously and well worth the four-hour wait…. Either way, visa and passport in hand, flights booked, and my leaving date of august 19th is quickly approaching! With all the stressful admin FINALLY out of the way the excitement is now coming in full steam.


All my classes have been chosen, roommate and room allocated: the dream of a year in America is finally materializing! Having been to DC before and spent 6 weeks there last summer in GWU dorms, I have a slight idea of what to expect and things to look forward to. But the prospect of being able to live there for a whole year is making me buzz with anticipation. Morning runs around America’s most historically significant monuments, dorm parties with the classic American ‘solo cups’ and the American spirit and atmosphere that is so different from the UK university experience.


Despite all this I am actually kind of nervous (and hate to admit it but I am). I should have it all down I know, going to university, making friends, joining clubs etc. But I can’t help but feeling the same way I did right before Freshers Week in Edinburgh. August 19th is less than two weeks away and it’s all I can think about! How is it going to be, am I going to drive my roommate crazy, is she going to drive me crazy, will the professors be interesting, all these things are constantly running through my head. And you know what, I love it. I absolutely love the nervous anticipation of something new to come. That’s one of the reasons I applied to do a year abroad. I love shaking things up and trying new things and really feeling like a child waiting for Christmas day again. And that’s exactly how I feel now. The 19th couldn’t come any sooner! Except now I have to think about packing. Emphasis on the word think. 

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