What is the “American Breakfast”?

On day 1 during our orientation we were told we’d be going to the International Centre here at UVa to make and eat an “American Breakfast” and for the last week and half we’ve been debating what this could be.

So far we’ve enjoyed bagels, French toast and a range of cereals but just what was this breakfast going to be?

Well today the suspense was finally over…

With the help of some American students we had a go at making an “American Breakfast” which included; bull’s-eye pancakes, muffins, bacon and sausage – with plenty of maple syrup to float a small ship. It was a great chance to chat to the students about culture and university life both at home and here in America. The breakfast set us up for an action packed day which once again included a chance to visit classes.

Making the  "American Breakfast"

This evening we attended the Women’s Lacrosse game against Virginia Tech. We all got behind the Cavaliers as we watched them win 10 goals to 5. Sport plays a big part of university life here in America. The enthusiasm of the supporter is really quite special and something we have all been joining in with. As we think about heading home we are all starting to buy up the university book store’s large supply of supporters clothing.


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