Jesus and Friends.

Hello beloved reader, a massive guten Tag to you from here in Germany! For over a week now I have teased you with sporadic Facebook activity and fake mobile phone numbers (come on guys, put a +49 on the front!) but now you will finally get the beans you so wish to be spilled. In response to anybody/all of my friends who thought I would tackle this move in my usual ‘cow on ice’ fashion, I say this: man, you were so right! Since arriving I have broken my key in my room door, got my leg stuck under a train seat, epically failed at numerous DIY jobs and oh yeah, there was that time that I almost punched my friend in the face falling over on the tram. To add to all the clumsy, I have pretty much spent the whole week toddling off in the opposite direction of where I need to be going. That being said, I have also achieved so much in such a short period of time. I have spoken a crap load of German, made some great friends, had a day trip to France, drove a motor boat and perhaps most impressively, succeeded at doing my first ever load of washing! The sugar coat is off and I am rocketing my way into a world of un-ironed boxers and store brand pesto.

So let’s have a little natter about the place in which I’m living. Freiburg is a small city (I’d call it a town), which is plonked in the very South-West of Germany. It’s full of cobbled pavements, scenic landscapes and enthusiastic holiday makers. Such endearing quaintness and charm make it the perfect home for a street tram system called the VAG. Freiburg also houses some pretty neat pubs which sell the best beer that money can buy. Bottles of Rothaus and Paulaner can be purchased in local supermarkets for 80 cent making it cheaper than most foods – something that has been factored into my weekly shopping.  My flat itself is also a pretty sweet deal. The rooms are big and I share a kitchen with nine other students who are all German. Moreover, there is a cheeky balcony just off the living area that will be ideal for barbequing when the mercury rises. I also have my very own post box, which when I arrived, was full of old junk mail and bank statements that belonged to my predecessor, Linija Shu. Perhaps I’d feel a little guilty about throwing them all out if I hadn’t had to spend a good half hour ridding my room of wee bundles of black hairballs with the resident Henry Hoover (not a euphemism). She also left little daisy stickers on the window and mirrors which have since been replaced with blue towels and boy smell.

I’ve made a good bunch o’ buddies here and so I’m able to keep those pangs of homesickness at bay. Trips to the local pub are occasionally alternated with German cinema trips and 1,80 euro spag bol nights. German food sure does take some getting used to but rest assured my fellow Scots, they sell ketchup here in abundance!

One of the let downs so far have been the ERASMUS organised parties here in Freiburg. Last Friday was the ‘opening party’ – 7 euros for an all you can eat buffet and then a chance to see how drinking is really done by those rowdy Spaniards. Great, I thought to myself as I decided against wearing my tartan tie. A chance to stuff my face with cakes and chips and party with the Spaniards until the cows come home. Needless to say, the food was bollocks and the cows came home at 12.30am. I did, however, get to meet Jesus. Two different Jesus’ actually. Apparently people actually call their children this. And Nacho. Like the savoury snack commonly eaten with sour cream and guacamole.

Anyway, I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I will be climbing a small mountain/big hill, baking a birthday cake and travelling to Frankfurt all in the next few days so I will hopefully have something fun to report in my next entry. Until next time.


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