Time for tapas & touristy things

So I’m sitting in my flat in Málaga on a relatively quiet day thinking it´s about time to update you on my life here. I´ve just made a salad and am wondering how I possibly think my Spanish is improving when I have no idea what the spice/ herb I just put on my salad was! But then I always did have weird food combinations, so I´m actually quite enjoying it. I do think my Spanish may have gone downhill a bit this past week though as I spent most of it with my mum and others who ventured all the way over to see this lovely city. I can see why people are advised not to go home though, I haven´t even left the country and I can see myself becoming lazy with my Spanish. I had an amazing week with lots of tapas and touristy things, including a trip to Granada, which I´d massively recommend, even in the pouring rain the walk uphill to  the flamenco in el sacramonte was breathtaking (for me anyway, apologises to the people I dragged up, we were literally swimming in our shoes!!!)

It was also a nice break from all the crazy fiestas but I´m now ready to meet up with everyone again and go for a few drinks and some dancing! We´ve all started to get pretty busy with uni too. I´ve found that my Mondays and Wednesdays are completely non-stop and my Tuesdays and Thursdays relatively quiet. This means that as it´s a Thursday I´m pretty wrecked and of course I have lots of work to do for next week. Such is life. Despite the relative success of my 1st essay  (written while extremely hungover and in a very short space of time, which will not be repeated!), the exams looming over me are quite terrifying. I’m not sure how I’m ever supposed to compete with native speakers if I don’t even know the difference between my spices! I’m just hoping they’ll be nice on Erasmus students. They still don’t quite know what to do with us, for the grupos reducidos in one subject they are just slotting us in where they think someone is no longer taking the subject, just going by word of mouth of course. So I have a feeling when I turn up with my theme they won’t have a clue what I’m doing there. This does have its advantages though, for Geography we weren’t on the list to hand in the homework! I do know how lucky I am with the workload here though, I´m hearing horror stories of my friends back home being buried alive by their textbooks, while I havn´t even bought a single one. That doesn´t seem to be the thing to do here and google.es has become my best friend, so much so my google.com is now in Spanish!

In my last blog entry I wrote that I was going to Madrid. What an amazing city, somewhere else in Spain to prove me wrong. It is not in fact just filled with real Madrid fans 😛 (well if it was they were quiet about it). One of the clubs there had 7 floors! Maybe a little OTT but the miniature clubs in Málaga will never be the same. Maybe that´s why we´re hitting Torremolinos this weekend, I´ll soon find out what that has to offer!

I will leave it there then, before I´m snowed in by all the work I´m supposed to be doing today. Talking of snow, I´ve been complaining about the cold a lot recently, but I guess 20 degrees in mid November isn´t too bad 😛

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