When it rains in Spain, it rains!

So I think it’s about time to leave my next note from the Costa del Sol. The first thing I have to say is that the Costa del Sol is no longer so sunny, clearly I should sue! Well at least it hasn’t seemed it to me; I have been in bed most of the week. You can easily tell apart the Erasmus students from the Spanish here from the constant sniffling and coughing but I guess it’s an inevitable part of our crazy lifestyle. It did also rain for 3 days solid over the weekend, it doesn’t do rain in half measures here.

I did manage to matriculate last week though, a very timely process, for me anyway. Even though I had booked a time to matriculate my coordinator was out of his office when I went and once I did get my form signed I waited in the wrong place. I did eventually sort everything and even got asked for a short interview on my Erasmus experience. When I woke that morning I definitely hadn’t prepared to be on camera, but then again nothing that happens here is expected! Matriculating is just the start though, trying to get access to the campus virtual is another story. You have to ask the codes for each course and then actually find the course in a very complicated online system; it took a couple hours to find one of my courses. Life would be boring if it was simple though! So I’m hoping that now I have access to the online system keeping up in class will get a bit simpler. It doesn’t help that I have missed a few classes this week through being ill so I’m hoping on Monday this whole uni system will get a lot easier, vamos a ver!

I have been continuing the fun weekends though, maybe the reason I am ill this week, oops! Last weekend we packed 2 cars full and headed westwards to a lovely paradise called Cadiz. I wouldn’t recommend our hostel, although it did make for a hilarious weekend! The guy was convinced that even when we smiled we were so loud and the very “dedicated” neighbours would catch us out. So despite the fact that we didn’t comply with the rules to be sad the whole time we didn’t get caught out by the neighbours, who were clearly going to shoot us if they heard so much as a smile. Cadiz was very appropriate for us guapos as it is where they filmed the famous scene with Hally Berry in a bikini in Die Another Day, although I’m sure you will all agree my 3 mates who re-enacted this scene were much more suitable for the part 😛 We also had time for a brief stop at Gibraltar, although Josh was not allowed in without his passport despite the fact that he is clearly English. The biggest disappointment of the trip for me was that M&S was closed and I couldn’t buy percy pigs 😛

So me and my flatmate Thorid have been getting through this week with lots of sleep, water (even though agua es mal!) and listening to the radio station we discovered in Cadiz, HIT EFF EMME!! Today I’m luckily feeling a lot better and preparing for the takeover of Madrid this weekend. Madrid watch out, Malaga’s Erasmus are approaching!

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