La Gente Está Muy Loca or My Fanta Tastes Like Cola?

La gente está muy loca was definetely written about Malaga, or about the Erasmus students there anyway! Can´t believe I haven´t had time to write a blog in about 3 weeks. It´s been pretty non-stop. Since then I´ve had more beach time, more fiestas, more travelling and a new flatmate, who despite what we were told is definitely not French but English!

I have now finished my Spanish course and I started at the university 2 weeks ago. So far it has been pretty confusing, definitely not the same amount of information as I´m used to in Edinburgh but at least all the Erasmus students are in the same boat. As many have said, estamos como fantasmas (we are like ghosts)! We say this because basically you´re just told to try out different classes and I´m not yet registered in any of them. I finally have a pretty good idea of what I want to do, which is encouraging and I´m going to matriculate next week. It was very frustrating at first, with all the courses clashing but I´ve now found one in the afternoon which fits with my schedule.

Most of the lecturers aren´t too bad to understand, although some of them insist on talking andaluz, which is like some mumbled alien language and trying to understand my classmates is a different story! I have now met some Spaniards that I can understand, which is somewhat of a relief and means that not all the Spanish I´m speaking is an Erasmus form, a mixture between Spanish, German and English. I have been very lucky though as most Erasmus people here are German and so I have to speak to them in Spanish. Some (very little) of my German I learnt 4 years ago at school is coming back to me, much to the amusement of my German friends here. But who knows maybe I´ll come back fluent in the language!

Other than University I have had time to travel to some amazing places including Sevilla and Córdoba. The cities here are beyond confusing, even in Málaga I still get lost, but they are so special. In my opinion Sevilla es la ciudad más bonita del mundo (other than Edinburgh of course, which I have proudly been telling everyone!) and the 2 and a half hour train journey there valió la pena (was well worth it). I have also occasionally been enjoying the nightlife Málaga has to offer. Ok maybe not occasionally but quite frequently 😛 The square next to our flat and our flat itself have become the main meeting place before spending all night in the nearby bars and clubs. And by all night I mean all night, 5 or 6 in the morning is quite normal to return from them. I´m very glad of the Spanish siesta culture here and now understand why they do it 😛

Luckily I have no classes on Friday so today has consisted of a long lie, beach and then to a club tonight to see my friend Georg DJ. Ok that´s not exactly a typical day here as lectures are in the morning from 8.30 and I need to leave an hour before to get the bus, but Friday´s are good days. I promise to write my next one sooner than last time but now the shops are finally open again after siesta (5.30) so the next part of my day begins 🙂


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