10 Days To Go…

Ok so we’re now at T – 10 days. Untill I leave that is, unfortuantely it’ll be 12 days before I actually get there due to me deciding to drive there. Anyways, let’s call it 10 days, and I still have nowhere to live which is causing me a lot of undue stress. However I don’t seem to be the only person in this situation which is reassuring as a few people seem to be looking for accomodation once they arrive which is actually a lot more sensible. I just seem to have bad luck and every time I find the perfect flat someone else snatches it up.

Now normally this wouldn’t bother me all that much seeing as I am the kind of person who leaves everything to the last minute and am quite spontanious. But this is one of those things that you do have to plan ahead for, only I don’t seem to have accepted that yet. The one thing I always do way too far in advance is pack. I mean, I went down to England for a weekend recently and packed for that a week before I left. But when it comes to moving to France for a year, here I am 10 days before I go with a thousand other things still to do and I haven’t even started packing yet. I know I’ll get round to it  though, that and everything else I still have to do, and I know I should do it now but I will end up leaving it to the last minute.

Anyway so my journey’s looking something like this: On Monday 5th of September I’ll drive down from Edinburgh to Hull, which should hopefully only take about 4-5 hours. I’ll then hop on the ferry overnight to Zeebrugge and the next morning drive through to Metz where I’ll stay overnight. And on the 7th I’ll make the final leg from Metz to Grenoble, possibly stopping in Lyon just before getting there. Hellish as it sounds I’m actually quite looking forward to the journey as well as the final destination, though by the end of it I’ll no doubt be exhausted and just want to go back!

So I reckon that’s all for now, I’ll maybe post something a bit more reassuring next week, like that I have a place to stay and everything is sorted and I’m actually ready to go! Ha, like that’ll happen…

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