Lizzie on the difficult introduction

My name is Lizzie Kitto and I feel I should preface this writing with the admission that I know nothing about anything… I have found in University that in fact, I learn more at 2 am speaking with friends from obscure countries and different subjects, than I ever do in lectures.  Based on this premise, living in an international house in the middle of nowhere is strangely appealing.

Lizzie on the pitfalls of Course Selection

On finding that Helsinki offered no 40 credit courses on ‘igloo construction for beginners,’ I have accepted with a heavy heart I must:

a) Pay rent, unable to assemble my own student accommodation

b) Fall back on academia due to my stunted plans to play in the snow for a year hoping to pass.

The joys of Erasmus include a year in which 40 percent is considered a perfectly acceptable result. Based on this premise: Latin, Finnish, Diplomatic history, African American History, Gender Studies and hieroglyphic translation, I choose you. While this seemingly masochistic choice of 3rd year options would result in my hanging from the strongest light fixture by week 2 in Edinburgh, the knowledge that getting a 45 would not leave that bitter ‘I-just-failed-my- semester’ aftertaste means I can push to boat out. So… Declension revision is on the cards then, yeah?

Lizzie on the many forms didn’t file.

As with everything I do, I have prepared for my Erasmus with a combination of blind faith and overconfidence… rather than with a filing system or a checklist. This attitude while valuable in many situations is bureaucratically disastrous. I would like however to add that I am definitally, contemplating, thinking about, completing the paperwork… probably. If you are thinking of applying, do not follow my example, it includes risks such as midnight panics that your acceptance letter is ‘safely stored’ in the waste paper bin, which it was…

I should probably add I have a fro… yeah can’t believe I missed out that.


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