Missing some things – so simple, yet so inconvenient

One of the smallest and simplest (but somehow amongst the most inconvenient) thing about living outside the UK is the inability to get Channel 4 On Demand and BBC iplayer on your computer!  Apparently you can get a Proxy on your computer so the IP address think it’s in the UK, but I am a tech-phob / absolutely useless at computers so I’m missing all my favourite shows… Desperate Housewives, the Apprentice, 90210, Glee, the Inbetweeners…. okay so I don’t have great taste, but these are just little things that are part of my daily routine at home (throwing on an episode of something; waiting all week for the next one to come out; the hype when a new series starts) and its such ‘home comforts’ like this that you have to forfeit on exchange.  I even missed the Royal Wedding, and all the hype and build up to it.  As a milestone in Britain history, I do feel I’ve missed out slightly.

The worst bit of all is coming back from a full on day at the library and not being able to throw open your laptop and show on a mind-numbing TV show for some escapism and to give your brain a rest.  Similarly, being in halls we don’t have a TV in our living room like we would in our flat back in Edinburgh, so I can’t just watch normal TV either.  I’m just living off DVDs and box-sets when I feel like I need some rubbish to watch.  I know downloading is a possibility, but again, I’m useless with finding legit sites, and the laws on downloading in Singapore are suuuuper strict… so if anything, I’m just a wee bit scared.

Maybe I should invest in a KIndle or some books, or try listening to Singaporean radio to send me off to sleep at night… hmmmmm

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