Sightseeing in your home city?

What I find interesting about living in a city, is that you never end up bothering to do the “touristy things”.  In fact, I wonder what percentage of people living in Edinburgh have actually visited the castle!  I certainly haven’t!

Since moving to Singapore, I have to decided to change my attitude, and really ‘get to know’ the city in which I am living.  Instead of becoming complacent in my current city, I’m seeking to always have the energy to go out and really explore and observe the way of life.  People watching is an underrated sport!

After being a bit more successful at this, this year on exchange, than I have been at home in Edinburgh, I now have an extensive list, which is ever growing, (definitely flexible and open to amendment) of my favourite things to do in Singapore, which I shall now share….

Shopping! There are so many malls, i.e. 250!  Now, of a city-state which only takes 45 minutes to drive from one side to the other, that is one heck of  a lot of malls.

Eat! Singapore has a huge amount of eateries.  My favourite cuisine has become to be “Dim Sum” which I can describe as “Asian tapas”.  In particular, it is great for sharing lots of dishes with a few people; making for a more sociable and eventful meal out!

The Singapore Flyer – this is a copy of the London Eye, but has fantastic views over the city.  It is situated right on the Marina Bay, which one of the most iconic spots of Singapore, overlooking the central business district.  It has a long Esplanade promenade.  The Bay is actually reclaimed land, and is right on the front edge of the city.  It seems like a “welcome to Singapore” spot.

Sentosa island – this is a man made island, but only takes 5 minutes to get to on the MRT train system.  It has some beaches, pools, and of course Universal Studios and Hard Rock cafe/hotel in Resorts world.

The infinity at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  This it the world’s highest infinity pool.  It is spectacular, and overlooks Marina Bay.

1 Altitude bar – this is the highest open air bar in South East asia, with amazing views of the city centre, Marina Bay, and the CBD.

The Esplanade ‘Theatre on the Bay’ is an outdoors theatre overlooking the bay and the CBD.  It is a copy of the Sydney Opera House, and has shows and festivals on the time, free of charge!

For some outdoors experiences, the Singapore Zoo, Botanic Gardens, Tree Top walkway and Chinese Gardens are nice and relaxing places to go and chill out!

Finally, for a good meal out, and to buy some souvenirs, the ethnic regions – China Town, Little India & Arab Town are fantastic.  They are very authentic, have delicious food, and you really do feel like you have been transported to China, or India or the Middle East!

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