Where I live + La lutte continue

Awright lads, thought I’d just put some photos up of the front line of the eternal struggle for a socialist utopia and also of my dingy bedroom.


This is what you can expect from a renovated room at the Cité Universitaire Chapou. The bed isn’t comfortable though there is an ensuite bathroom (“It looks like an airplane toilet” – My Dad, 18/09/10). There is a deceptively a lot of storage space and also a fridge. Not bad for around 200 euros a month.

When I arrived I didn’t have a plate so I used Morrissey’s face instead. There are kitchens here but I don’t have any pots and pans yet so Bread, Cheese, Tomato and Coffee (pictured) is what I mostly eat.

Now, here’s some pictures of the strike.

Even the modern art gallery went on strike. Contemporary art lovers reported to be “moved by the piece”. Hm.

Although the strikes at the uni have stopped for the moment I’m fulling expecting to see this banner again in the near future.

They blocked up the whole uni with chairs. Somebody will have to move them all back eventually.

Now, here’s a video of the assemblée générale which was held to decide whether to keep the blocage going. They voted NO to continue the blocage but YES to continue striking and to block on the days of national strikes. What you’re about to see may seem like a shoddy video filmed quickly on a digital camera, but I’m sure fans of the new wave will appreciate the lingering shots of elbows and the floor which emphasise the humble nature of la lutte.

It was mental. There were people banging on desks and shouting and announcing the end of democracy and taking about struggles and bourgeois.
In keeping with this, here’s a flyer for a gig I’m going to go to which I think is going to be punk versions of Georges Brassens songs, which sounds brilliant.

Finally here’s a boring picture of the river that runs through Toulouse that you could get a better version of on a postcard.



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