An Erasmus guide to Rennes and Granada…

Bonjour tout le monde!

My name is Lesley Roy and I’m currently studying at the Sciences Po in Rennes, France as part of my year abroad. I’ll be staying here until Christmas before moving on to the Universidad de Granada in Spain for semester 2. I was awarded one of the Stevenson scholarships this year as I proposed to set up a blog telling everyone about my new life abroad incorporating as much as possible aspects of new digital media technologies (podcasting, movies, photos, etc.) in order to act as an ambassador of a Scottish university in Europe but also to promote links between Edinburgh University and the wider world – sharing our likes and dislikes and discovering how we can learn from each other.  I have already begun this blog and since WordPress doesn’t like it when you copy and paste material from one blog to another (it thinks it’s spam and tries to block it!) I’m just going to give you all the link to my blog which is:

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it and I look forward to reading your comments 🙂

À plus/¡Hasta luego!

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