The 30th of April is pretty much the biggest day in the calendar for students from Lund (and students from elsewhere who take it upon themselves to invade this fine town!). For on this day each year, at 8am sharp, thousands of students decend on the Stadsparken area of Lund for what can only be described as the biggest bbq booze up you will ever attend outside of a festival.

I’m not sure what figures are correct but numbers ranged from 10,000 to 15,000 average attendance at this all day drink fest and I can well believe that the latter may be closer to fact. the day started well, I woke up still drunk from the night before thus defeating the potential day destroying hangover. It was the birthday of our rugby captain so I headed over there at 7am for a breakfast of cake and Irish coffee – I dislike coffee with a burning passion so instead consumed some Irish.

Next we set off to the park. I was unsure what to actually expect and feared a ridiculous overhype of what would esentially be a picnic. This was not the case. On arrival at 8 there was space was already at a premium but, being the over ambitious boys that we are, we set of towards the middle anyway and squeezed ourselves onto a green oasis in adesert of beer wielding sand students. Something to sit on..damn. It’s okay though, the girls came through for us! Bless their planning efficiency.

Then, mid morning, the rains came. A surprising amount of people left the park. No doubt the Swedish boys feared their perfectly slicked hair would be ruined. RUINED! Can’t have that. i merely declared it standard Scottish weather and invaded the space left by those around to ensure our encampment grew to a comfortable size. Next I hit one of the organised dance floors and cut some fine fine shapes – I really dread to think what they looked like.

The rains faded after a while and when people began returning I set off to procure a front row spot at the live stage. Pays to get wet. Some music, some general entertainment, some more beer. Time to hit the fun fair set up beside the park. I can safely say that the dodgems are even more fun when intoxicated. My steering failed so my friend and I worked as a team to dominate: he skilfully steered, I planted my foot on the accelerator and trash talked. Epic.

The day then progressed to a “Block Party”. Essentially half the park going to one halls and having a massive party in the garden and corridors. I lost my friends there. But I made some new Swedish ones…every cloud! Another party sandwiched in the fine dining of McDonalds for dinner before we hit the Tri-nation party that saw three of the student nations open their doors for the cost of a single ticket – naturally we had to bounce between each place at regular 20 minute intervals lest we miss some earth shattering event. Fun had, bed was sought.

I hear the Lund Karnival at the end of May is three days of what just happened…please please please!!!

Oh ye, my flatmate’s parents have been staying with us for a week. Yes, a week. they never go out. It’s awkward. I’m not even sure when they’re leaving…

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