It’s March. It’s cold. It’s me and my homesickness in cold March.

I am not sure if it’s due to the weather conditions or my recent visits in Edinburgh and Poland, but the fact is that I have been feeling very homesick lately. I might call it my Second Being-away-from-home Crisis.

The problem is that often one thinks that “it is always greener on the other side” whereas it’s just an illusion. What we keep in our memory are not raw facts but, in most occasions, the facts embroidered with our personal feelings(= recollections). And the farther we are from the place we keep in our memory, the more we exaggerate how it was/is like (in a positive way, usually).

Now I am feeling nostalgia for the places I refer as ‘home’, but I am sure that in a few months’ time I will miss Salamanca (and see it as a perfect place to live!). Well, it is somewhat paradoxical, but that is the way it is. I will finish my philosophical disquisition here, but if you are interested in a topic of emigration, ignorance and memoirs, check out “Ignorance” by Czech-French writer Milan Kundera. The book is worthwhile!

Leaving aside my being down in the dumps, I’ll go to News from Salamanca bit. It is cold in here. It is still cold although it’s March already. Everybody who isn’t staying in Spain now tries to convince me that “it cannot be colder from where she/he is”. Yes, it can. What is more, it has been snowing in Barcelona today (unfortunately it wasn’t snowing in Salamanca). Supposedly the summer does not start until April/May. Well, it’s just a few months to go. Hopefully I won’t freeze out and will have a chance to bask in the sun (or rather hiding in shaded places to avoid the sunburn).

I’ll share a historic moment with you. For the first time since I have been here I got an assignment (tarea) to be done (that counts towards the final grade). Additionally, I have to do a project (trabajo) for Statistical Sampling. It is called a project but seems more like a short thesis. I will suffer writing the aim, chapters (!), results and conclusion in (proper) Spanish. But I will definitely survive.

Student/Erasmus life hasn’t died out. I do not write much about it due to my low participation in organized events now, yet it does not mean Salamanca got quiet. It never does (okay, it does during summer holidays). Carnival was a huge fiesta, with students going out in disguise and some of them taking a bus to Ciudad Rodrigo to see famous bullfights. I did not go to see the bullfight thing in fear of me crying over poor bulls fighting for their lives.

Nowadays, there is a well-known Las fallas festival in Valencia. It lasts several weeks and from what I heard is a spectacular event (street performances, fireworks, etc.). I would go there if not the fact that I need to catch up with the studies and need to have a rest from travelling.

I cannot keep my eyes open as I didn’t sleep enough so I must say that it’s all for today.

Until the next one x.

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